Our messaging system allows users to share files between team members or even with users having accounts on other systems.
However, when a file is shared, content of the file is uploaded onto the server and only link to the file is sent over to the other user. This greatly reduces the load on the server, reduces the network usage and improves the communication performance and also reduces the space usage on your device.
At the same time, the file is always available to download by all users who received the link to the shared file.
This is especially important if a file is shared with multiple users or inside the group chat room.

While this saves space on your device, at the same time it requires space on the server to store all shared files. Hence, our services have a dedicated space allocated to shared files.

Is it safe? Are all my shared files secure?
Shared files are not publicly visible and accessible. To access the file you have to have file link, which is obscured and impossible to guess. Therefore, people who do not have the link, cannot access the file. Only people who know the file link can access it.