Who we are

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We are a computer software company.

Working on a software code, communicating between team members is our daily bread and butter. We develop open source software and also custom, proprietary projects.

We strive to be as efficient in our work as possible. Therefore, we constantly look for ways to improve our work environment, to use better tools.

Plus, we do not like to be at mercy of third-party providers. Our preference is to have full control on tools and environment we use.

Our quest for efficient tools

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We tried, tested, and actually used in production many tools, systems, environments. We tried and migrated to proprietary and open source tools. Used small and big-tech offering.

Many were close but none was perfect.

Main problems were:

  • Dependence on third-party, unknown and untrusted providers
  • Lack of flexibility, world is changing fast, we cannot afford to be stuck

Finally, we thought: “Hey, we are team of great software developers. We can create better tools for us ourselves.”

And we did. We did not have to invent the wheel and create tools from scratch. We can reuse tools which are very close to what we need and just make them better.

If it is good for us, it might be good for you

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It might be good for you out of the box because tools we selected are very flexible and full of features. If not, no problem. We only use open source software, well-designed and written. Very flexible and customizable.

You can customize these tools yourself, or we can do the customization for you. Customization can be either open source or closed source depending on your needs.