Chat is becoming the most important way of communication

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More than 3 billion people use messaging apps sending about 41 million messages per minute nowadays. Texting becomes the number one digital activity for many people. Chatting using messaging apps has surpassed phone calls as the leading form of communication.

Messaging is not going to go away any time soon, on contrary it is only expected to grow in usage and in importance it has for people communication.

As more and more form of rich media support is added to messaging systems, texting it becomes more meaningful and allows to better express meaning and convey from information.

It is essential to use a reliable messaging service which will not disappear any time soon and more importantly which you can trust to keep your messages secure.

Chat for personal and business use

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Messages contain tremendous amount of information about people, their emotions, personalities, problems they struggle with, friends and also lots of business confidential information.

This information is useful to ourselves. We can browse chat history to review what we talked about with people in the past, look at old photos and other files. However, this information can be easily misused or exploited if it falls in wrong hands.

Most people would rather prefer to lost their entire chat history than expose it to the public or hand it over to some shady businesses. And yet, most people entrust their messaging data to large, big-tech corporations without having any control or knowledge how messages and user data is handled, protected or what may happen to it in the future.

Of one thing we can be sure though. All our chat history will not disappear, it contains so much valuable information about us, that it is well protected, backed up with high redundancy and will be stored for year to come with no way for us to delete it.

It is crucial, then, to keep our messages private and secure.

Our take on Chat

our take on chat

We do not reinvent a wheel. We rely on well proven to work, tested and enterprise grade level technology for messaging: XMPP/Jabber.

XMPP is an open technology, well documented and with active community. There are many independent applications available to chat using this technology.

We use software from Tigase. All the Tigase software is open source and publicly available.
Both the XMPP Server and user apps are available for all the most popular platforms. Tigase’s software is already deployed on over 4,000 systems worldwide allowing to communicate hundreds of millions users. It works equally well for both small and large scale systems.