E-Mail is the most important way of communication today

email stats

Statistics show that in 2022, on average 333.2 billion emails were sent around the globe a day. Forecasts show that this number will only increase between 5% to 10% a year.

Therefore, we do not expect for e-mails to disappear any time soon. On contrary it may be even more important in coming years.

It makes sense to depend your e-mail on reliable service over which you have enough control.

E-Mail is personal and private

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E-Mails contains tons of private and important information about ourselves, our families, friends, our businesses, shopping, practically about every aspect of our life. E-Mail is often a gateway to many online accounts at different services, online stores, banking and so on.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep it private and secure.

Our take on E-Mail

our take on email

We do not reinvent a wheel. We rely on well proven to work, enterprise grade mail server: Apache James.

It is fully open source and publicly available software, used for large scale e-mail services in large businesses as well and on a government level. It is also very well written and optimized, hence very suitable for smaller use-cases due to low resource usage.

To offer you E-Mail service we solely base on Apache James open source code with some customizations made by ourselves which are also open sourced.