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Tygrys adds OneDev with EE ...

We are happy to announce that Tygrys now supports OneDev version with EE mode. ...

No ads, no tracking, no data collection, no data sharing with any third-party

No Ads

No Ads

Focus on what you do. No distracting ads.

We have no ads displaying code.
No User Tracking

No User Tracking

No hidden trackers, links or invisible images. What you do, is your business and for you to know.

We have nothing to track.
No Data Collecting

No Data Collecting

This is your service and your data. You own your data and control access to your data.

We have nothing to collect.
No Data Sharing

No Data Sharing

We do not collect any data about our customers.

We have nothing to share.

Based on Open Source and Open Technologies

Your Own E-Mail, Messaging and Code Management


Based on: Best E-mail Server
Fully featured e-mail system


Based on: Best Chat Server
Fully featured messaging system
1dev code

Projects and Code

Based on: Best Code Server
Fully featured code management system

No more per-usage subscriptions

* Unlimited e-mail accounts
* Unlimited domains
* Unlimited aliases
* Unlimited filtering rules

* Unlimited users accounts
* Unlimited domains
* Unlimited chats rooms
* Unlimited group chats

* Unlimited developers
* Unlimited projects
* Unlimited community users
* Unlimited CI/CD jobs
* Unlimited within server capacity limits.


Secure and private e-mail with all the commonly expected features.

Available over IMAP/SMTP
Support for mobile devices
Webmail client to use on a browser
We are working on many more features
Instant Communication

Instant Communication

Secure and private chat, group chat with lots of extra features.

Open and well documented protocols and standards based on XMPP
Private chat
Group chat
Documents sharing
Reactions to messages
Unique stickers and emoticons
Real-time, online status
Spam filters and abuse protection
Code Management

Projects and Code Management

Secure and private projects and code management with all the modern features.

User friendly and powerful web interface for projects management as well as code management over HTTPS, ssh and git protocols
Powerful user management features with groups and roles
Per project access permissions
Project hierarchy with tracking with management features
Code management
Code search with regular expressions
Built-in CI/CD
Issue tracking with agile boards
Built-in Helpdesk with e-mail integration
Pull requests workflow
Why choose Tygrys?

Why choose Tygrys?

As far as I know, at this time, Tygrys is the only company offering services like this. At the moment there is no other alternative. But, is this a reason enough to use our offer? Here are a few points to consider:
We ourselves use our software and services
We have experience creating communication software since 2004
All the software used to run the services is open source and publicly available
You can run all these services on your own cluster

How to start?

A few simple steps:
Register an Account

Create an Account

Create an account on the Tygrys Admin UI.
This is your administration console for your billing, subscriptions, system monitoring and users management.
Select subscription

Select system size

Select appropriate subscription for your needs. Functionality is all the same for available services, the only difference is the system size.

Start using it

It takes a few minutes to prepare.
When the wait is over you can start enjoying your private and secure communication system.
Do you need help?

Do you need help or have questions?

If you have questions, need more information, have suggestions or need help please do not hesitate to drop us a line or two. Our team is here and would be very happy to hear from you and assist you.