Code management for software development

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Developers and teams around the globe keep their code in code repositories. It is estimated that there are over billion code repositories hosted by various git hosting services. Well working code management system is a key for an efficient software development work, especially if there is a team working on the code.

Git based code repositories become more and more popular and their importance is only going to grow.

It is essential to have a secure and reliable code management service you can count on and have full control on.

Personal, business, open source and proprietary use

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Software code is created by individuals, teams, small to large businesses. Software is created for fun, to solve small and big problems and also for various business reasons. In any case, software development requires significant effort. Especially good software requires a lot of effort. When the software is finally created and ready to use, it does not mean end of work. Software code maintenance is another phase which can take lots of time and other resources.

Also, in many cases, software code carries significant IP value.

For these reasons, software code should be kept safe with backups and redundancy to avoid data loss or service interruption but also, secure to avoid unauthorized access and IP information leaks.

No third party should have any kind of access to the service.

Our take on software code management

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What really is expected from a software code management system nowadays?

  • First of all, good code repository management. Git is the king of course.
  • Automated CI/CD capabilities to run jobs on the code whenever needed.
  • Builds history tracking to let team know the health of the source code.
  • Artifacts repository to allow users download packages.
  • Issues tracking, tasks tracking to properly handle support requests and work planning.
  • Project tracking to organize team work on the code.
  • Proper UI to review the state of the project, work progress.

The best currently available software offering all of the above out of the box is OneDev system. Well-designed, implemented and maintained. Of course it is fully open source software written in Java, an industry standard for enterprise products.