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We are happy to announce that Tygrys now supports OneDev version with EE mode. Existing customers can update their OneDev installation to the most recent version to have EE support.

The best place to get more details on EE features in OneDev is of course the project documentation and I suggest to refer there to read about it. Especially that it is expected to gain more features over time and the description here might be outdated.

Most notable features of the EE in OneDev are:

  1. HA for scalability, load distribution and of course reliability. Therefore, HA makes sense even for small installations which play critical role and reliability is a key.
  2. Customizable Dashboards is a very nice feature to better organize first glance view of the tasks, issues across all the projects, look at users, teams and much more. And there can be many dashboards which can be made visible by default to certain group uf users or all visitors or just yourself.
  3. Cross-projects code search which is invaluable if you host many projects on the system, maitained by different teams.
  4. Web terminal to diagnose CI/CD jobs which is a great feature to develop complex and elaborate build jobs

I have been using EE in OneDev and can honestly recommend to at least trying it.